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An Expert Weighs in On How Often You Really Need to Get a Haircut

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Many of us want to have the best hair possible, so knowing how often you need to get a haircut is vital. Depending on your split ends, amount of colour damage, and your hair goals, the amount of time you go between salon appointments can vary greatly person to person.

We were just as perplexed as you might be on when is the right time to book our next appointment, so we reached out to a professional. We asked hairstylist Devin Toth of SCK Salon in New York City to explain just how often we should be getting our hair cut depending on what we want out of our hairstyle. Check out his best tips, ahead.

How Often Should You Get a Haircut?

"You should get your hair cut about once every three months to remove your split ends," Toth said. He also recommends making the appointments far in advance and marking your calendar with them. "It's important to have a hair maintenance schedule, which includes pre-booked salon appointments. [That way,] you'll never fall behind in your hair upkeep."

How Often You Should Get a Haircut to Maintain a Style

If you want to maintain your current hairstyle, ask your stylist how frequently you should come in for appointments. Depending on the cut you have, the amount of time between trims will vary. "Short pixies should be cut every four weeks, [while] a bob or lob can be cut every six to eight weeks," explained Toth.

For other styles, a good rule of thumb is about two months. "On average your hair grows a half an inch every month," Toth said. "So if you want to maintain its current length, just have your hairdresser cut an inch [at these appointments]."

How Often To Get A Haircut if You're Trying to Grow Out Your Hair

Want extra long hair? Toth recommends only visiting your hairstylist twice a year. "Don't colour your hair and deep condition it once a week," Toth said. "[While] you're actually supposed to get it cut more often, if your stylist is even a tiny bit scissor-happy then this plan won't work out."

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