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Haggling could save Aussies thousands, survey finds 5/09/2018 Emily Gayton

Australians could save as much as $1600 a year if they start haggling on their household expenses.

But despite the potential savings, new research from financial comparison website has found more than half of consumers are not asking for a better deal.

“Haggling can be a little uncomfortable so I think that a lot of Australians simply don't want to do it,” Mozo's Gemma Rasmussen told A Current Affair.

“The message here is 'get out of your comfort zone'. We know that the cost of living is really high and you can save up to $1600 a year simply by making a few calls and asking for a better deal.”

Ms Rasmussen says one of the biggest areas you can save money is on your home loan, but there are also savings to be made on things such as car insurance and electricity bills. 

And the study of more 3600 people found the majority of Australians who haggled on their expenses, ended up saving money.

  • 67 percent of people who haggled on home loans received a discount, saving an average of $1218 a year.
  • 76 percent of people who tried to get a discount on their energy bills made a saving of around $200. 
  • 75 percent of people enjoyed success haggling on their home insurance, saving $100.
  • 78 percent of people were able to negotiate a better deal on their car insurance – saving an average of $90.

Father-of-two Ben Vitale has saved thousands of dollars by haggling on his household expenses, with the biggest saving on his home loan, where he negotiated a $100 a fortnight saving.

The 36-year-old says people shouldn’t be afraid to haggle.

“I think people get worried, they get scared, and they just accept the status quo,” Mr Vitale told A Current Affair.

“But if you just have that information and that confidence, you can save, save yourself money on different things, it can bring down the cost of living really.”

Mr Vitale’s best advice is to be firm but not aggressive and to always do your research to find out what other deals are available before you call your current provider. 


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