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Who said you need eyesight to drive a car?

CarsGuide logo CarsGuide 11/02/2019 Mitchell Tulk

a person in a red car: Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe! © Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe! When someone loses their eyesight, they generally lose the ability to do things people take for granted like driving a car.

However, one blind person has seemingly done the impossible and driven a sports car at full-tilt around the TopGear test track.

Dr Amit Patel lost his eyesight back in 2013 and was no longer able to continue his job as an emergency first response driver.

It’s been six years since he was last behind the wheel, yet with the help of a driver instructor, Amit Patel was able to record a top 10 lap time at the circuit.

Steering a Toyota 86 in manual guise, there were a few spins, but Amit quickly got the hang of things.

His best time was 1:46.58, scoring him the ninth quickest lap around the track, beating a handful of celebrities including James McAoy

This isn’t the first time a blind person has lapped the test track at the Dunsfold Aerodrome with Billy Baxter back in 2004 posting a time of 2:02 while being guided by Jeremy Clarkson.

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