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Lamborghini on the highway displays awesome power

The Lamborghini Huracan is a sight to behold with its sleek lines and aerodynamic shape. It screams elegance and power that it is waiting to be unleashed. With 610 horsepower available at full throttle, this car will throw you back in your seat and pin you there for a wild ride that could take you to more than 200mph. The acceleration alone will spike your adrenaline almost as much as the beauty of the car. The name is Spanish for hurricane, a very suitable name. Out for a ride in some less than ideal weather, this Lamborghini owner caught the admiring glances from the motorists beside him. Sensing approval at the look of his machine, he decided to put on a little show of what was under the hood. The engine roared, the nose lifted and the Lamborghini was off like a shot. These cars are all wheel drive, which is the only reason that they are able to maintain their lane while the car is accelerating so quickly. The Lamborghini quickly disappears and then slows again. When the supercar fans caught up close enough to admire the view from the back, they were delighted to hear another round of the engine revving and see the car launch forward again. For a muscle car enthusiast, seeing the power of this beast unleashed is like watching a horse at full gallop through an open field. This car is sporting the decals of The North Face Rally, one of Ontario's most famous super car clubs. Known for their powerful cars, they make a spectacular entrance at car shows such as Strada when they roll in together and line their cars up for display. The North Face Rally is also widely known for their generosity and charitable nature. They hold toy drives for Sick Kids Hospital, help numerous fundraisers, and make dreams come true for deserving young people who admire flashy cars. This Huracan happens to be owned by Ghostrider (#ghostriderto), a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask whenever he moves among the car scene. He also remains anonymous whenever he uses his car to accomplish some very incredible feats of generosity.
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