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Snake found wrapped around child's toys

AAP logoAAP 17/08/2017

'Large male eastern brown from tallebudgeera terrorizing lego city' © Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher / Facebook 'Large male eastern brown from tallebudgeera terrorizing lego city' A mother has discovered one of the world's most deadly snakes wrapped around her child's toys at a suburban Gold Coast home.

Snake catchers Tony and Brooke Harrison were called to the Tallebudgera home on Thursday afternoon to catch what they had been told was a carpet python.

But when they arrived Ms Harrison quickly recognised they were dealing with something much more dangerous: an eastern brown snake, the world's second most toxic land animal.

The 1.7metre-long male was nestled amongst toys, but was trying to return outside and continue his primary quest - finding a mate.

Like young men in their 20s, snakes "drop common sense" during mating season, Mr Harrison told AAP.

"He was on a mission," he said.

"But he was stopped by that invisible barrier called glass."

The Harrisons bagged the snake without incident and were back at work on Thursday afternoon.

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