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Is this the face of God? Some American scientists think so

Newshub logoNewshub 13/06/2018 Newshub staff

a close up of a mans face © Provided by MediaWorks NZ Limited Got an idea of what God might look like? If not then a group of American scientists have a provided you with a bit of an indication.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina surveyed 511 Christians about their visual perceptions of God and published a combined result, Newsweek reported.

The research was carried out by showing participants different human faces and asking which one most closely resembled the God they worshipped. 

By averaging out the features on the most selected images, the scientists were able to find the Christian God looked a little different to how legendary artist Michelangelo once portrayed him. 

Combined results found not an old white man with a beard but rather a younger beardless male.

The research found that ideas of God were linked to social and political stances - liberals saw a being who looked more feminine and loving, where is conservatives saw a figure that was masculine and powerful looking. 

Many also pointed to a God that resembled a version of themselves, a phenomenom scientists have described as egocentricity.

For instance African Americans tended to see God as being darker skinned, with Europeans visualising a figure who was white. 


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