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AFL 2020: Collingwood president Eddie McGuire involved in heated discussion over Geelong's handling of Jack Steven's stabbing

Sporting News logo Sporting News 2 days ago
Eddie McGuire wearing a suit and tie looking at the camera © Getty Images

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has been involved in a heated discussion with Herald Sun reporter Mark Robinson over Geelong's handling of new recruit Jack Steven's stabbing.

Steven was allegedly stabbed in the left side of his chest last week, with the nature of the incident still unclear.

Throughout the week, McGuire has called on the club to provide full transparency on the issue, with Geelong CEO Colin Carter labelling this push as the 55-year-old being “hopelessly conflicted” in his roles as a club president and media personality.

On Thursday, Geelong coach Chris Scott told reporters that they needed to put Steven's health and wellbeing first rather than determining his guilt.

This baffled the Fox Footy personality, who questioned the timing and purpose of the press conference.

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“Why did they have a press conference when they didn’t want to say anything and when they were trying to put a lid on the situation, why would you have a press conference?” McGuire said on Fox Footy Live.

“You invite the media in as a representative of the entire community to ask whatever question, Scotty then engaged in the questions and then actually threw up more conjecture when they were trying to stem the conjecture.

“My point and what I said, I don’t care what Geelong do, I hope Jack Steven is right, personally I don’t know why they called a press conference, do it next week.”

He then turned his attention to Herald Sun journalist Mark Robinson, accusing him of 'click-baiting' his name instead of calling out Carter's potential conflict of interests.

“I would say in my time in the game that Colin going straight from the AFL Commission onto the Geelong board and becoming the president of Geelong was the biggest conflict of interest that I’d seen...but no one writes that because there’s no clickbait involved,” he said.

“He had over 15 years of understanding what the AFL’s strategies were, he had access to every club’s business plans, all that sort of stuff.

“Mark’s written three stories about me in the last eight weeks, obviously we’re clicking the bait there Mark so we should go and have a drink together.”

This incited Robinson, who labelled McGuire's comments as 'weak as piss' and suggested that he has become a target due to his abrasive and abusive nature.

“That is weak as p--- Ed and you know it’s weak as p---,” he said.

“You were having a crack at everyone who disagreed with you in this coronavirus.

“You and Jeff Kennett get invited into the AFL tent, you start throwing rocks at everyone who disagrees with you and all I wrote was keep calm Eddie but continue to work... every time I turn on the radio you’re abusing people who have only got their best intentions of footy with them but if they didn't agree with you, you would slap them down.

“It was unedifying of a person of your standing in the game to do that, so I write a piece and you call it clickbait. I don’t write about you for clickbait, christ almighty.”

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