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Why Early Morning Flights Are The Best Flights

Lifehacker Australia logo Lifehacker Australia 13/01/2018 Emily Price

a plane flying in the sky © Provided by Allure Media Pty Ltd Next time you go to book a flight you might want to look at the early-morning options first. Getting out of bed to make that 6am might be a struggle, but Travel and Leisure suggests that you should exclusively fly in the early morning. The reason? You'll have a much better chance of getting to your destination. 

Early morning flights are less likely to be delayed than those that happen in the afternoon or evening. Delays reportedly start around 8am each day and then get worse until they have reached a peak around 6pm. The reason is air traffic. In the early-morning hours, air traffic is less likely to be backed up since all the flights from the night before will have already landed.

Even better, you're also much less likely to experience turbulence in the air when you fly in the morning since most thunderstorms and the unstable air that come with them happen in the afternoon.

Early-morning flights are also often cheaper than their later counterparts because people would much rather sleep than head to the airport at the crack of dawn. That's good news for you if you do since crowds will also be lighter at security and the gate for that early-morning flight, making it easier for you to use the money you saved on your ticket to buy an overpriced coffee at thr airport.

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