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Traveller letters: Cruel world for Qantas frequent flyers

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Members of the Qantas Club and the Frequent Flyer program are getting a raw deal. FF seats on Qantas flights to Europe and North America are virtually impossible to secure, even when sought nearly a year before a trip. If you're lucky, Qantas will put you on a One World partner airline, but that means Qantas Club members, holding One World economy tickets, are not allowed to use Qantas Club lounges. Club members are forced to join the rest of the passengers meandering through airports awaiting their One World flight. It's more evidence that Qantas does not care about its loyal FF and Qantas Club members.

Roger Juchau


I was intrigued to learn the historic Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar, has been tarted up - and with prices to match - since we stayed there 30 years ago.

Like most of Rangoon, as it was known at the time, Miss Havisham would have been quite at home at the Strand. During our stay three decades ago we enjoyed a lobster dinner at a budget price.

And on one occasion during our visit I looked out of the window of our room from where I could see my clothes being washed in the river.

Helen Cole


I agree with the letter of Ros Barwick (Travellers' letters, April 5-6), who noted that one of the great joys of air travel is being "allowed" to keep one's window shade up. This compulsory shade closure, which forces passengers to go to sleep in complete darkness as soon as the meal has been served, just adds to the horrors of long-haul air travel. Resistance is futile, as the moment you shut your eyes or disappear to the loo, the cabin crew arrive with their "window wands" to kindly close your shade for you. There seems to be only one solution, and that is to spend your life on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has an apparatus in the windows that allows all manner of gradations of light, from full light to full dark.

Ross MacPherson


We were amazed to discover a website offering luxury apartments in Mayfair, London, for far less than anything comparable. On the premise that if something seems too good to be true it probably is, we contacted the Trip Advisor Travel Forum. Several members stated it is a scam which has caught out a number of travellers. We're even bigger fans of Trip Advisor now.

Audrey Tunny


The new Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar is a welcome change from the airport of old: airconditioning, clean and sparkling amenities, friendly smiles and a smooth transition through immigration. But there are no power points anywhere in the departures lounge for passengers to use. No big deal, some may say. But to access the inflight entertainment on Virgin Australia you need to download its app prior to departure. The new app to access the inflight entertainment system is great - just make sure your device is fully charged before arriving at the airport.

Andrew Harris

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