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Mayor denies cover-up, fires back at minister over Mascot Towers

June 25, 2019. Bayside mayor Bill Saravinovski and Heffron MP Ron Hoenig speaking to media outside the council offices in Sydney about the Mascot Tower residents who have been forced to evacuate over concerns over cracking in the building. Saravinovski tells the media his council is working as fast as possible to get the requested paperwork to engineers who are trying to pinpoint the issue with the tower. "For the minister to say there is a cover-up is absolute rubbish, I was there until two o'clock and it was a very cold night," He says. Hoenig tells the media that the development was approved while he was mayor and on re-reading the report and says he sees no mistakes made. "I have re-read the report to satisfy myself that there was no mistakes made," he says. (AAP Video/Andrew Leeson)
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