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‘I Fell In Love With My Sugar Daddy’ | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

EVEN without the 39-year age difference, Sabrina and Grant look like polar opposites. She wears candy pink wigs and dresses in doll-like outfits; his hair is greying and he wears smart shirts and shoes. And while Sabrina, age 21, is studying psychology with a minor in art therapy at college; 60-year-old Grant is semi-retired. The unlikely pair met through a dating website that pairs sugar daddies with sugar babies but both claim that what began as a strictly financial situation has turned into something more romantic – although that doesn’t stop people from assuming Sabrina is only in it for the money. Sabrina told Barcroft TV: “I met Grant on the sugar daddy, sugar baby website initially for financial reasons. I thought I would just find a sugar daddy but now it’s for love, it’s not for money. When society sees us walking they think, ‘Oh I wonder how much money he gives her, she’s only in it for the money’.” In spite of how they met, Grant is uncomfortable with being called a sugar daddy. He said: “In terms of being called a sugar daddy, I am a little bit anti being called that because of the men who have taken it in the wrong direction. Where it's just strictly money transfers for brief interludes of companionship, so that's really not my goal or direction, so I'm really not truly a sugar daddy.” But of course Grant isn’t the only ‘daddy’ in Sabrina’s life. She currently still lives with her 57-year-old father. Three years younger than Grant, Sabrina’s father has struggled to come to terms with his daughter’s relationship. Grant was previously married and has three children himself. And although they know about how Grant and Sabrina met, it’s not something they openly discuss. Aside from his own children, Grant and Sabrina have also had to get used to people assuming she’s his daughter.
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