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Watch a Rescued Baby Kangaroo Chill in a Handmade Pouch

June 13, 2018 – How can a caregiver to orphan kangaroos replicate the security of mom’s pouch? 6-month-old orphan “Minnie Mouse” and conservationist Chris “Brolga” Barnes demonstrate.Subtitles: “Little orphan kangaroos like Minnie love nothing more than going into a little pillowcase pouch. This is like an imitation pouch … the security they would have had in their mum, we can replicate by putting them in a bag. And it’s 24-hour care, so that means you’ve got to take them into the office when you go to work.”“So, a good thing to do is actually get a bag with a strap on it, hang it on the back of a chair, and put the orphan kangaroo in it. That way you can go about doing your work, while the little orphan joey hangs on the back of your chair.”
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