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Looks Like We'll Have a New Silverado in 2018

The Drive logoThe Drive 2017-04-17 Eric Brandt
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General Motors is purposely stockpiling inventory in preparation for factory tooling this summer and fall. Right now, GM has about 100 days worth of inventory and plans on factories going offline for about ten weeks. For the Silverado alone, they had a 115-day supply as of April 1.

What does that mean? Probably new trucks. GM North America President Alan Batey told the press they were modifying their plants, "particularly with pickup trucks." Batey said this after the next-gen Buick Enclave was unveiled in New York. We also know that the Chevy Traverse and GMC Terrain have big updates coming, so the retooling is likely to build new crossovers as well.

A new Silverado isn't official yet, but it's pretty likely. The current generation began in 2013 and was facelifted in 2015, so it's about the right timeframe for a full makeover. Of course, this means we can also reasonably expect a new GMC Sierra as well. Our best guess? They'll go on sale in the second half of 2018.

Pickup trucks are still big sellers with big profits and GM owns a sizable chunk of that market share. As for the other two of the big three, there's an overdue Ram update rumored for 2019 and an F-150 facelift scheduled for 2018. According to some reports, it's likely that GM will use more aluminum in the new trucks despite those goofy anti-aluminum ads they ran a couple years ago against the F-150. Here's hoping the new Silverado will still be able to protect you from bears.

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