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12 Surprisingly Affordable 1990s Dream Cars

Road & Track Logo By Chris Perkins of Road & Track | Slide 1 of 13: It's amazing how much Dodge Viper you can buy for $40,000. Some models, like the early roadsters and the GTS, are becoming pricey collector's items, but look hard enough and you can probably pick up a mid-1990s roadster in the $30,000 range. Hell. We've even seen them for $10,000, though don't expect greatness at that price. Not bad for one of America's greatest cars.

Dream cars that are now within reach!

Get these before their prices climb. Many great 1990s cars, notably the Porsche 993, Acura NSX and Toyota Supra, have skyrocketed in value over the last few years, but there are still bargains to be found. Here are 12 cars we used to dream about that are now within reach.

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