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Enter Aston Martin's Secret One-Off Club at $2.6M

Road & Track logo Road & Track 2017-10-11 Máté Petrány
Enter Aston Martin's Secret One-Off Club at $2.6 Million© Máté Petrány / Road&Track Enter Aston Martin's Secret One-Off Club at $2.6 Million

If you get to know the right people while spending millions of dollars on products, those people happen to like you, and you're willing to spend many millions more at their dealers, both Ferrari, McLaren and Rolls-Royce will build you a one off. Plus, as it turns out, so will Aston Martin. Just not in the next two years.

Remember the CC100, the speedster Aston built for its 100th birthday in 2013? The project got the green light from former CEO Ulrich Bez, and Aston's Prototype Operations got cracking. They actually built two, but after the celebrations, both got sold to private customers.

Now, the Aston show is run by Andy Palmer. During a recent chat, he wasn't shy to reveal that the Prototype Operation guys are busier than ever, even if we don't get to see their work. The Valkyrie, Aston's $3.2-million hypercar, might be exclusive at just 175 planned units, but there's another level if you have more specific ideas:

We have one last category of car, which is the one-offs. These are the very-very special cars. The ones you’ll know about are things like the CC100 or the GT12 Volante. And for those very special customers who want a very special car, we sell two of those slots every year. The next four slots are already sold, and to walk through that particular door, the starting price is two million pounds ($2.6 Million). But they are very special cars.

Some of those cars, by the way, you’ll never see.

And here I was, thinking that the Sultan of Brunei was bankrupt. In any case, here are more CC100 images from the 2013 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. Needless to say, they don't do it justice.

© Máté Petrány / Road&Track

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