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The Golden Age Of Drag Racing Part 2

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To quote the question we’ve been hearing ever since American Graffiti, where were you in ’62? For folks following drag racing 52 years ago, it didn’t really matter. Everywhere in America, there were big changes taking place. In 1962, Howard Johansen was advertising the first aftermarket aluminum heads for Chevrolets, perfected in his dual-engine Twin Bear. Race cars were defeated for possibly the last time by the motorcycles that once ruled Top Eliminator competition. Jet dragsters appeared, despite NHRA’s ban of all aircraft engines, to beat up on banned Top Fuelers in hugely popular match races. Before the end of this season, they were racing each other. A car painter named Prudhomme came out of nowhere to improbably set low e.t., top speed, and win the world’s biggest drag race, Bakersfield’s U.S. Fuel and Gas Championships.

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