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First used Tesla Model 3 hits Craigslist... for $150,000

Roadshow logo Roadshow 2017-10-11 Andrew Krok

In the event you're browsing Craigslist with $150,000 to burn, there's a used Tesla Model 3 with your name on it.

Video: This is what the manufacturing of a Tesla Model 3 looks like (provided by Dailymotion)

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A Tesla Model 3 has appeared in a Craigslist post from Monterey, California. The car allegedly has about 2,000 miles on the odometer. As with every other Model 3 in production, it's a long-range version with the 310-mile battery, and other features include the panoramic glass roof, upgraded sound system and "Aero" wheels.

The seller notes that "a unique circumstance" spurred the for-sale posting. It's currently listed for $150,000, or approximately 3 times the car's initial cost. It's not eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit because it's already been registered, and good luck trying to talk down that price.

promotional photo of used Tesla 3 © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. promotional photo of used Tesla 3

The only Model 3s on the road right now are builds for very early reservation holders, most if not all of which are reportedly Tesla employees. Thus, either a Tesla employee has some serious gambling debts to cover, or somebody should have negotiated a higher salary. Tesla did not immediately return a request for comment.

Either way, it's one of, if not the first Model 3 put up for sale, so if you want to skip the reservation line for an incredibly hefty price, here's your chance.

(Hat tip to Electrek!)

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