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What’s at the HOT ROD Power Tour 2018? This Hellcat swapped 1970 Challenger R/T SE

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 2018-06-09 Hot Rod Network Staff

Chevrolet Performance Presents HOT ROD Power Tour Driven by Continental Tire. 

We're in Bowling Green Kentucky for the first part of the HOT ROD Power Tour 2018 and this Hellcat swapped 1970 Challenger almost got by us.


Driven by Larry Rose from Newbury, Indiana, this e-body has the 6.2L Hemi, 8-speed transmission, console and electronics from a crashed 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

007-Power-TOur-2018-Hellcat-Swap-Challenger.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff 007-Power-TOur-2018-Hellcat-Swap-Challenger.jpg

The 70 Challenger already had a 6.1L swap using a Reilly Motorsports AlterKtion crossmember so all Rose had to do was move it forward so the supercharger cleared the cowl opening under the hood. He also added a 3.25:1 gear because in First, and Second gear all it would do is spin the tires. It likely still spins the tires.

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