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You Can Hire Someone to Drive You Around While You Play Pokemon Go

Motor Trend logo Motor Trend 2016-07-12 Alex Nishimoto
Pokemon Go Craigslist ad © Provided by MotorTrend Pokemon Go Craigslist ad

Nintendo's Pokmon Go might just be social media's craze of the week, but the game has evolved into something beyond anyone's expectations. The augmented reality app, which requires you to go out into the real world to collect Pokmon (a portmanteau of "pocket monsters") and advance the game, has led to a number of users playing the game while they drive. Sensing an opportunity, at least one entrepreneur is attempting to cash in on the Pokmon Go phenomenon by offering Uber-style rides around town so you can focus on catching your digital creatures.

In an ad posted to Craigslist, this enterprising individual offers to drive you around the Portland metro area, hitting up all the PokStops and Gyms in town. The ride includes two hours of driving as well as snacks and beverages for $30 a person. That's a lot of cash to shell out to play a free app, but if you gotta catch 'em all

In just the past few days since its release for iOS, Pokmon Go has dominated headlines across the Internet. From being used as a tool to find distracted victims to mug to helping a teenager accidentally discover a dead body, the app is gaining notoriety at an astounding pace. Some players are posting signs on the backs of their cars warning other drivers of the frequent stops they make to play the game. If the service offered on Craigslist gets at least a few distracted drivers off the road, the blatant cash grab could be justified. Check out the ad here.

What's your take on the phenomenon? Should the developers come up with a way to disable the game while driving? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Craigslist

Video: Pokemon Panic


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