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10 auto accessories that need to go away

Microsoft IES Logo By David Menzies for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 11

For every great car gadget that comes along, there are a handful of doohickeys that need to disappear

For those keeping track of momentous occasions, 2011 is the 125th anniversary of the automobile in North America. During the past century and a quarter, automotive engineers and designers have concocted so many wonderful optional accessories and gadgets that endeavour to make the commute all the more enjoyable. From the rear-window defogger to air conditioning to heated seats, it's hard to imagine motoring today without such creative creature comforts. But, of course, along with the automotive accessory home runs, there have been copious quantities of pop-flies deep into foul territory. Here are a collection of automotive things we at MSN Autos would very much like to see go away (and stay away — far away) forever.RelatedCars for your star signIs Big Brother watching you drive?9 habits that trigger road rage
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