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10 most worry-free used cars

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Like a certain brand of timepiece, these rides can take a licking and keep on ticking

Here's a news flash: it isn't easy finding a good, reliable used car. While it's true they no longer rust like Russian freighters, the truth is today's models are complex and rely on a lot of technology -- such as airbags and numerous computers -- that can make repairs and upkeep a pricy routine.Domestic products are a hodge-podge of good and bad, European models are very dear to maintain beyond the warranty period, and even the Asian manufacturers have been caught cutting corners, especially since transplanting their factories in North America. Ask your neighbour how many transmissions her Honda Odyssey has spit up.First-time buyers and newcomers to Canada have the hardest time navigating the used-vehicle listings and car lots in search of a good buy. For them, and you, we've put together our very best bets as reliable transportation. Like a certain brand of timepiece, these 10 can take a licking and keep on ticking.
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