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10 ways to blow your tax refund on cars

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With the ominous tax deadline looming, and the average Canadian tax refund being somewhere in the $1,400, here are a few ways to put your hard-earned bucks back into a car

It's that time of year when 26 million Canadian taxpayers will grudgingly file their tax returns - some concealing their growing noses - of which two-thirds will get tax refunds averaging about $1,400 six to 10 weeks later. Forgetting for a moment that your "refund" is actually excess money you remitted to the government over the past year - which tax experts will tell you is your own dumb fault - it's still fun to pretend that it's an unexpected windfall, one that you undoubtedly deserve.So, what to do with $1,400? You can bank it and live large on the quarter-percent interest it will earn you by splurging on an extra rinse down at the laundromat. Or, being a gearhead, you can give some thought as to what $1,400 will buy you that might fit in the garage. Here are 10 take-them-with-a-grain-of-salt suggestions.
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