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104 Wrecking Yards Finds for Your Next Project

HOT ROD logo HOT ROD 2015-06-29 Brian Brennan
151 Wrecking Yard Finds for Your Next Project

Once again the Hot Rod Power Tour has led us to places far and wide. This time we came across one of Texas' rich fields, not oil, this time vintage tin. All of us will never have the time during our lives nor the budgets to build every hot rod project we want but that doesn't stop us from at least trying—or in this case at least from looking, dreaming and wondering "what if".

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Coming home from the Power Tour we thought a trip though Texas would be a great way to spend three days! (Have you driven across Texas?) On our way to San Antonio we came across a town, Seguin, and in this peaceful community is a hot rodder's dream recreational area—acres upon acres of cars, parts of cars, and stacks of parts. In the interest of full disclosure we must admit it wasn't because of any superior sleuthing on our behalf that lead us here but rather one of the locals—Rick Love of Vintage Air has visited this wrecking yard for years rounding up parts for any number of projects. It's his version of his local auto parts store. Also hangin' with us was John McLeod of Classic Instruments and as it turns out he is no stranger to neglected, abused and abandoned car parts. Turns out John is constantly looking for instrument panels/clusters to gather up and rebuild for rodders who contact Classic Instruments.

001 Johns Salvage Sequin Texas © Provided by Hotrod 001 Johns Salvage Sequin Texas

We found the cars to be arranged based upon make yet we also found dozens of school buses (both the long and short variety) filled with specific parts such as steering columns, dashboards, wiring looms, seats, hubcaps etc. We also noticed that John's Salvage specializes in engine, transmissions, and rearends. The supply of sheetmetal ran the gamut of everything from the 1930's through the 1980's. Should your car passion lean you toward early or late model muscle car you are bound to find something you just can't live without? Heck, we found a pristine Ford Edsel grille—trying finding one of these goodies. There was a '55 Chevy passenger car frame that had my name written all over it but I just couldn't get it to fit in the trunk! There were also plenty of lights and trim pieces to select from—always a nightmare to find when that's the part you are missing.

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Everything was arranged in rows buried amidst green vegetation—some of the short variety, grass and weeds, and much among taller trees and vines. Before your exploring is complete you will have walked miles thereby getting in your required daily allotment of physical exercise—another benefit to being a parts yard junky.

Take a "ride" along with us and look at the 100-plus projects we found and the countless parts and even a few photos for just the "chuckles".

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