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15 drivers we wouldn't want to share the road with

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The Bumper Stumper

Typical Vehicles: Older full-size domestic sedans, Volvo station wagons.For those who believed the beloved Bookmobile was up on blocks and out of commission, fear not: there are several motorists out there who adroitly merge the automotive milieu with that of the literary realm. And they do so by festooning a bumper crop of bumper stickers upon the hindquarters of their vehicles.Such motorists tend to fall into two categories: 1. The Aspiring Comedian. His bumper stickers tend to consist of wannabe knee-slappers along the lines of, "If you're following me, I'm lost too!" and "No fat chicks." Oh, stop it ... you're killing us.The other group consists of overbearing Serious Social Commentators. To wit: "Meat is murder"; "Watch my rear end, not hers!" (always displayed on a car driven by someone whose buttocks seldom receive lustful stares); and, "The day they outlaw handguns is the day I'll become an outlaw." (Trust us: don't get into a road rage incident with this guy.)Oh, and for what it's worth, nobody gives a rodent's rectum that your car climbed Mount Washington.
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