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20 Worst 4x4 Truck Stucks - Stupid Wheeler Tricks

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It's been said that unstuck wheelers are all alike, and every stuck wheeler is stuck in his own way. And nothing proves the point better than the plights of the 20 unfortunate souls profiled here. And while we can't do anything about their hydrolocked engines, their busted axles, their bent sheetmetal and ugly wrecker's bills, we do feel their pain.

Whether rollin' in the States or abroad with Sam's wheelers, northern California resident Ryan Zimmerman knows his way around a Worst Stuck. Ryan's '86 Toyota, pictured here, got a little hoppy on a dozer-bermed mountain trail, took a dip on its side, and was pulled back up by a buddy, proving the merits of tie-down straps as well as a winch. 

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