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2009 Autos Holiday Gift Guide: $100 - $250

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Brookstone Portable Powerwasher

It's not always possible to be near a hose and an endless supply of water when it is time to clean up your car, ATV or motorbike. In the case of the latter two, it's often necessary to give them a once-over before putting them on the trailer after use. This portable unit has a self-contained 13-litre reservoir and is powered through a 12-volt outlet on your vehicle so you don't need an extra hose or electric outlets.The heavy-duty nozzle adjusts from a powerful 90 psi stream to a fine spray allowing you to clean anything from your boots to the wheels of a trail bike or the deck of a boat. A 6.1-metre-long hose is designed to resist kinks and a pouch is included for storing accessories.The Portable Powerwasher starts at US$199.95 and is available online at
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