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2009 Holiday Gift Guide - $250 - $500

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Driver training schools

For the speed demon who loves cars give him a day at the track. Driving schools let you put the pedal to the metal under the watchful eye of trained professionals. The classes are educational and informative, but they're also a blast. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW all offer driving schools - most even supply the cars so you don't have to own a Bimmer, for example, to go to BMW Driver Training school. The "compact course" is a half-day class, performing tasks in a 3 Series such as understeer, oversteer, obstacle avoidance, and emergency braking exercises with and without ABS. Once he's completed that course, he can move up the ladder until he reaches the top level, Fascination II, which includes hot laps on the Circuit Mont-Tremblant! BMW's beginner compact course costs $300. Gift certificates are available at
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