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2009 Holiday Gift Guide - Wacky gift ideas

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Ferrari Sledge

Who doesn't dream of owning a Ferrari? Alas, such exoticar fantasies tend to crumple upon colliding head-on with the unforgiving trough of reality. Put another way, vehicles that bear the prancing horse logo tend to be six-figure affairs.Still, depending on the weather and the incline inherent to the local topography, you can still go like a bat out of hell on a Ferrari-badged vehicle. Granted, the vehicle in question is a sledge. But still, it's a Ferrari sledge made out of lightweight aluminum and boasting a seat derived from impact-resistant polycarbonate. Guaranteed to make the various toboggans and saucers on the hill look like wooden and plastic clunkers.Granted, with the Ferrari Sledge as opposed to an actual Ferrari, you'll never get to hear that beloved burbling motor ... but think of all the gas and insurance money you'll save. Alas, gold chains, Polo cologne and hair gel not included. Price: €800 (approximately $1,245) from the online Ferrari Store.
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