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2010 LA Auto Show: Worst in show

Microsoft IES Logo By John LeBlanc, MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 7

Subaru Impreza Design Concept

Subaru isn't into ambiguity with its concept naming. Its Impreza Design Concept couldn't be more forthright: a precursor to the next-generation Impreza. Following in the footsteps of the Legacy and Outback, the new Impreza is likely to grow in size, something those who like the current car's nimble size will likely object.But the Impreza Design Concept also illustrates the fact that Subaru is getting tired of being taken out to the woodshed for continuously blessing its cars with quirky looks since the bug-eyed 2002 Impreza was unveiled.The thing is, the new Impreza Design Concept looks anything but unique. It's as if Subaru designers took photos of every modern-looking sedan they could find, then merged them into some kind of Photoshop blender. Tell me the back of the car isn't a rip-off of the Buick Regal, itself a copy of the last BMW 5 Series? Or the front-end a bland mix of Taurus/Optima/Passat? Boh-ring...
© Photo: John LeBlanc
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