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2011 Geneva Motor Show: Worst in show

Microsoft IES Logo By John LeBlanc for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 9

Bertone B99 Concept

The goal of the B99 (B is for Bertone, and 99 for the years since the founding of the firm) is to eradicate the disaster that was Jag's last attack on the executive compact sedan class, the ill-fated X-Type - essentially a tarted-up Ford Mondeo. But one has to wonder how Jaguar design head Ian Callum really feels about this very retro concept.To Callum's credit, with the recent midsize XF and fullsize XJ sedans, he's moved the brand's design ethos ahead by, oh, about four decades from the 1960s rut it's been in. And now along comes this retro-Italian job that pays homage to Jags from the 1970s, specifically the XJ6 Coupe. Instead of one-step forward, the B99 looks like two steps back.
© Photo: John LeBlanc
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