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2012 Canadian International Auto Show: Green cars

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A showcase of the top environmentally friendly hybrids, electric vehicles and alternatively fuelled cars of the show

If there's an automotive theme to the 21st century so far, it has to be the ever-increasing number of environmentally responsible offerings. Since the Prius and Insight made being eco-friendly mainstream just over a decade ago, we've seen a stunning explosion in hybrid powertrains that are now widely available from domestics, Asians and Europeans; in SUVs big and small, sedans, coupes and pickups; from just north of $23K for a Honda CR-Z to well north of a million for one of the 250 Jaguar C-X75s due to start rolling next year.The first mainstream pure electric, the Nissan Leaf, appeared just over a year ago. Chevy's Volt, which has a range-extending gas-engine backup, is a certified hit. Manufacturers are dabbling in eco-conscious concepts, alt-fuels and various battery technologies. Diesel has finally cleaned up its act and begun to find a home in North American driveways.In an age when science fiction is just plain science, it's not surprising to find so many green vehicles in store at this year's Canadian International Auto Show. It certainly is exciting, though. In addition to the dedicated eco-friendly Eco-Drive Showcase, you'll find Natural Resources Canada's most fuel-efficient vehicles plus a host of green technologies throughout the show. Here are some we particularly think are worth your time.
© Photo: Neil Dimock
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