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2015 HOT ROD Power Tour: Gallery of Derelicts, Freaks, Orphans and Unloved

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2015 HOT ROD Power Tour: Gallery of Derelicts, Freaks, Orphans and Unloved

With such a large amount of diverse cars at any given HOT ROD Power Tour, especially this year’s 2015 Power Tour, there’s going to be some different builds. Those unusual, unique, and one-off cars that make you take a second look. That, or wonder to yourself why the builder built what you’re seeing. Any way you look at it this is what hot rodding is all about—those unique statements of rolling art or cheesy choices that ply back roads, drag strips, and highways of the Power Tour.

2015 Power Tour Freaks Gallery20150605 0265 © Provided by Hotrod 2015 Power Tour Freaks Gallery20150605 0265

Below is an assemblage of cars that fall into the “unique” category. Some are nice orphans, those cars whose corporate empire no longer exists, as with American Motors, Packard and Desoto. Others take “personal expression” to new glorious heights. All are welcome and appreciated by the throngs and participants of Power Tour, and the staff of HOT ROD—for sure.

Do you see any trends? Have you ever wanted to build something like one of these cars in the gallery below? Are you asking yourself, ’Why bother?’ about some of what you’re seeing? Good! Then build on that inspiration or disgust by getting out into the garage and start building a Power Tour trekker for next year’s event. We’ll probably be starting off where we are ending this year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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