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Bestselling cars from around the world

Microsoft IES Logo By Mark Atkinson for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 15

We know what sells well in Canada and the U.S., but have you ever wondered about the rest of the world?

Canadians buy nearly two million new vehicles every year, and we have strong ties to a handful of models that dominate our sales figures every year. The Ford F-Series, Ram 1500/2500 and Honda Civic — our top-three best-selling vehicles — sold over 200,000 units combined, and have been perennial favourites for decades. Just for a giggle, we thought it might be interesting to show you what vehicles are popular in other far-flung places of the world, and even we were firing up the Bing image search and Wikipedia to figure out just exactly what a Toyota Innova or Lada Priora are anyway.
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