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BMW Concept M4 Coupe preview

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BMW M4 Coupe revealed at Pebble Beach - as a concept

BMW M4 Coupe revealed at Pebble Beach - as a concept BMW has finally confirmed the M3 Coupe is no more – and that the M4 Coupe is on the way to soon replace it. Debuting at the Pebble Beach auto gathering, the M4 may have a new name but the concept is the same; BMW’s racing car ideals wrapped up in a pumped-up two-door bodyshell. The stuff of envy, alright.It is expected to use a straight-six turbo engine instead of a V8, producing 45 0hp instead of 420 hp, while there will be an abundance of other driver-focused gadgetry for the high-performance new BMW M4. Four generations of M3 have created a legendary brand: BMW wants the M4 to start where they left off.Please click on the image above to read more about the new BMW Concept M4 Coupe
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