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But officer ... the 10 most popular speeding excuses

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Find out what the most common excuses for speeding are ... and how many people have used them.

I have never actually tried to make an excuse for speeding. I have flirted, and tried to look as uncomprehending as possible while muttering, “Oh, was I?”. I have thrown myself on the mercy of police: “Please, officer, I promise I won’t do it again …”Not that MSN Autos advocates speeding, but, I have found, is simply to speed no more than the people around you (although that might not be sound advice either; see No. 4) and avoid the sudden drops in speed limit. I’ve been stopped doing 70 km/h in the same 50 km/h immediately off a 90 km/h highway, oh, about 11 times, but I’ve only ever been stopped on the highway twice. One resulted in a warning (she must love a Mini) and the other in a hefty fine (he was less impressed my Dodge tester).If you must try out an excuse, you may want to avoid the following. By virtue of their making’s Top 10 Excuses for Speeding (based on a survey of 500 licensed drivers aged 18 and over), they’ve been done before.
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