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Canada's worst-selling new vehicles

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Ladies and gentlemen, these are the cars and SUVs you didn't buy

All things considered, 2012 was a pretty good year for new car and truck sales in Canada. OK, scratch that, it was a great year, the best since 2002. And while more people bought more new vehicles, not every cars was sought out in equal demand — there are some that dealers can barely give away. So while 1,675,675* new passenger vehicles were sold in Canada last year, once again led by the 106,358 copies of the bestselling Ford F-Series, the vehicles listed here sell at a somewhat (all right, much) lower rate.Excluding over-$100,000 luxury vehicles, low-volume sports cars (Audi R8s, and the like), discontinued brands and models, and vehicles that were replaced with new versions last year, here are Canada's 10 least-popular cars for 2012.* Sales figures from the Automotive News Data Center.
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