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Canadian Black Book’s Best Retained Value Winners for 2013

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Save thousands by picking the vehicles that best stave off depreciation

Contemplating a new car? You could lose your money more slowly elsewhere, such as by investing in a drive-through photo-finishing business. Or flying saucer insurance. Smart consumers recognize the biggest expense of a new auto is depreciation, that silent killer of equity that kicks in as soon as you leave the dealership in your new car or truck. We could quote numbers, but it’s just too painful to recount.More and more consumers are paying attention to the unseen toll of depreciation. That’s why the Canadian Black Book established its “Best Retained Value Awards” eight years ago as a way of popularizing its market intelligence. For its 2013 awards, CBB tracked what 2009-model-year vehicles are fetching at wholesale and online auctions, then compared their values to their original sticker prices. Those models whose value eroded the least over the past four years made the awards list, divided into 19 vehicle segments.Here are the winners in the 14 best-selling market segments in Canada.
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