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Cars for careers

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A light-hearted look at popular degrees and the affordable cars best suited to them

In honour of those about to embark on a lifetime of servitude, i.e. get a job, we've compiled this jobtacular gallery of Cars for Careers. We've taken 15 popular university and college majors, extrapolated what you might do with them, and even thrown in a few actual stats about what you might expect to make, to come up with perfect first step on your career-car ladder. We used data provided by the government website Working in Canada ( to make all sorts of wild generalizations; for example, as a Performing Arts major, you are doomed, er, destined to be an actor making about $2 more an hour than you would expect to make as a waiter in Montreal, which is in fact your fallback position, and almost as lucrative. Win-win! See you on graduation day!
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