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Cars for jerks

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We count down the 15 biggest power tools of the automotive world … and the types of drivers that helped give them that reputation

Ah, the siren song of the tool-mobile. You're rich, you're insecure, maybe you have tiny man-parts, your boyfriend cheated with a fat chick, your bald spot is now bigger than your baseball cap, or you just turned 50. Whatever the case, there are as many reasons to drive one as there are Spencer Pratts in the world.When the rest of us see one of these cars on the road, we have already decided on your character, and it ain't good. If one of these cars is calling to you, ask yourself, "Is my last name Federline?" If the answer's yes, have at it. If you're not, as the awesome Barney Stinson would say, an heir to the Massengill fortune, we're not saying don't buy it, but do give it a little more thought.Here are our top 15 cars that almost always have a power tool behind the wheel. And we don't mean a jackhammer.
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