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Cars made of weird stuff

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From disco ball Smart cars and leather-wrapped Ferraris to biodegradable concepts made of bamboo and rattan, take a look at some of these creative cars made of the strangest things

More than a century ago, Henry Ford made a pragmatic yet visionary decision to ditch car body panels made of wood for ones made out of sheet metal. That switch revolutionized the way car manufacturers thought about how to construct a vehicle and the materials used in the process.Well, auto manufacturing and customization has come a long way since those days. Today, your car churns down the road like a beacon of engineering, an aerodynamic marvel made of any combination of steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastic, rubber and glass. Indeed, it must move well.But not all cars have speed and efficiency in mind, and some are made with materials you'd never dream could possibly be deemed fit for an automobile. From diamond-encrusted rides to vehicles made of Play-Doh, these cars are simply made of weirdly unique things.
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