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City savvy small cars

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Why settle for a run-of-the-mill econobox when there are so many great stylish and frugal small cars around?

With more than 80 per cent of Canadians living in urban areas, it's no surprise that those major population centres are becoming increasingly jammed with traffic. Anyone who chooses to drive a full-size pickup, SUV or crossover in the tight confines of Montreal or the chaotic downtown core in Toronto needs a check-up. The city car is the perfect solution: something small, easy to park, economical to drive and maintain. And as a bonus, they're often pleasing to look at and comfortable too.We've assembled our favourite 10 contenders for city car royalty, but there are a few surprises on this list. First, we've left out the Fiat 500 because despite its relative newness, it can't compete in terms of space, efficiency, or that fun-to-drive vibe with the heavy-hitters on this list. Also, the Smart Fortwo's tiny footprint is cancelled by the ongoing complaints about ride comfort and transmission smoothness that Mercedes-Benz refuses to fix.So here, in alphabetical order, are the 10 best city cars on sale in Canada.Related links:Research this car with MSN AutosMost fuel-efficient cars for 2012
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