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Concept cars that were never produced

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Ten curious prototypes that didn’t make it to the assembly line

In the beginning there was no need for concept cars. Automakers, at least the well-funded luxury companies, built only the motors, running gear and chassis; it was up to specialty companies called coachbuilders to craft the body and interior, meaning that each car was by definition unique. It was only with the advent of mass production by Henry Ford that cars were churned out identically, cookie-cutter style. That meant, of course, that styling, since it was to be repeated thousands, perhaps millions of times, had to be attractive from the outset. Concept cars began as a way for manufacturers to test the public's acceptance of their latest styling cues before committing to expensive production. In recent years, there have an increasing number of concept cars that morphed into production (Dodge's Viper, Plymouth's Prowler, etc.) but there are still plenty of wild and crazy concepts that wowed the public but never saw an assembly line.
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