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Could you drive a Formula One car? The F1 steering wheel explained

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An idiot’s guide to a Formula One car's steering wheel

Formula One drivers have a lot on their plates; skeleton squishing g-forces, top speeds that threaten to reacquaint you with your breakfast at any moment and a whole grid full of likeminded individuals intent on occupying the bit of track you’re currently using.  It sounds difficult but that’s not the half of it, F1 drivers also have to deal with a steering wheel of such dazzling complexity we’re surprised they ever make it out of the pits.If you fancy driving a Formula One car, first you’ll need to get your head around the wheel so this run-through of the controls on the one from McLaren’s new MP4-28 car should be just the thing. Have a pen and paper at the ready because we’re go, go, go...
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