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Delivery-mileage Lamborghini Countach for sale

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This iconic car had been "resting" in storage since 1990.

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a delivery-mileage Lamborghini Countach that has been sat "resting" in a storage facility since April 1990. And although it would be rather amusing to report the supercar had been discovered during an episode of Storage Wars, the reality is a little different.A refresher: the Countach is the car that graced the bedroom walls of countless young boys in the 1980s, condemning the Ferrari poster to the waste paper bin. It's a car that came to symbolise that period, the decade of greed, excess and high shoulder pads. And yet its history stems from much earlier in the 20th century… we revisit its storied past while relating the story of who kept this particular car in such empeccable condition for so long. 
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