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Extreme snow machines

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Crazy creations that can cope in the harshest cold weather environments on Earth

Even the calmest of drivers can get hot under the collar when freezing winter temperatures bring chaos to the roads. In moments of weakness, perhaps while wheel-spinning impotently on an icy slope or stuck-fast in traffic with the snow deepening all about, many of us will even have wished for a vehicle that could rise above the icy weather and pound Mother Nature into submission. Well, there are machines that can do exactly that, extreme snow machines that can cope in the harshest cold weather environments on Earth. Some of these monsters can be bought by the public, some can't and most definitely shouldn't be. At least, not on a whim by beleaguered Canadians driven to breaking-point by a few days of snow. Still, we can all dream of having an extreme snow car in the garage ready to make us kings of the roads this winter. Which one would you choose?
© Nate Christenson
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