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Famous places and the iconic cars associated with them

Microsoft IES Logo By Annette McLeod, cultural iconographer for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 21

In some parts of the world, a car is more than just a car – it’s a piece of culture

Some cars evoke their time, like the over-the-top ‘80s and its "Miami Vice" Ferraris, the turn-of-the-century Model T, and the pony cars of the ‘60s. Others evoke a location. These vehicles are so iconic that if you were an alien dropped from outer space, you could easily identify where you’d landed by what those around you were driving. Not all the vehicles on our list are good cars, but they certainly have stuck. And since you’re already an alien for our purposes, we decided you’re a time-travelling alien to boot. Here are our top 10 vehicle that epitomize place.
© Photo: JORGE UZON/AFP/Getty Images
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