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Forged in the fire of war: Military vehicles from around the world

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These beasts started life wearing army colours but they’re loved out of uniform

Humans have been enlisting their best inventions in the service of killing each other since they stumbled on the club and that certainly holds true of motor vehicles.Gottfried Daimler’s internal combustion engine wasn’t two decades old before companies were offering their countries’ armed forces militarized automobiles. The French Charron-Girardot-Voight armoured car, the American Davidson-Duryea gun carriage; they both appeared at the turn of the 20th century. Two world wars accelerated the automobile’s development, just as it did aircraft.But that road goes both ways. Vehicles developed for military use have been embraced by the mainstream civilian market. Ex-soldiers understood their virtues of ruggedness and simplicity and that reputation reached others in “civvy street” by word of mouth. Many “milspec” models started out in the surplus market but others boasted bonafide civilian variants. We bet you can name one or two off the top of your head, and you’ll see them here, but in this gallery will also feature a couple you may not have thought of.
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