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Future classics of 2039

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A closer look at Hagerty Insurance's top 10 future collectable cars

That age-old bugaboo called depreciation makes sure that any new vehicle purchase is not a financial investment. But a select few of the hundreds of different models available in Canadian new car showrooms today have the potential to someday become future collectibles. To help with your choice, the collector car insurance experts at U.S.-based Hagerty classic car insurance providers puts together an annual “Hot List” of current new cars that they predict will likely being collectible within the next 25 years. The price has a cap of US$100,000, but with certain models commanding a premium in Canada, only two of 10 end up breaching the barrier. So if you’d rather spend your money on a set of wheels instead of an investment property, here are the top 10 2014 models worth considering.
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