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Gift ideas for car geeks

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When it comes to driving, nothing is more frustrating than another driver going out of their way to cut you off. Most of the stress and anger comes from the lack of communication; you bump into someone at the mall and you say, "Sorry!" But in a car you lose that interaction - the result is often the assumption that the other driver did it on purpose.If that person only had a Drivemocion LED car sign in their back window so they could express an apology for not letting you merge in front of them, your reaction would likely be different. Drivemocion features a wide range of emotions such as a happy face or "back off" to get a tailgater to give you some room. All commands are sent through a remote that wirelessly transmits your message via a round sign that sticks to your back window. At the touch of a button, the Drivemocion LED sign can make our roads friendlier one emotion at a time.The Drivemocion is US$29.99 at Autos links:What should you gift a bad driver?Feeling generous? Ideas for those with deep pocketsGreat gift ideas for less than $100
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