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Hauling assets

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Maybe you don’t need a big thirsty truck to transport your tribe or tote your toys

It seems every second driveway in Canada's suburbia is occupied by a monster truck or massive automobile of some sort. But why have a full-size pickup or an SUV if you mainly use it for transporting family members and their gear or carrying extra luggage and toys on special occasions? OK, so maybe you tow your boat or need a flat bed for your ATV: but really, unless you do this on a weekly basis there is no need to invest in a clumsy, gas-guzzling hauler (and we all know they don't come cheap).So if you’re on a tight budget, or you’re just looking to shrink your environmental footprint, but you need extra people-space or cargo capacity to haul around your toys and tools, we've compiled a list of affordable cars and utility vehicles that will satisfy.
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